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Jamie’s American Road Trip

In fairness, I may be jumping to unfair conclusions considering that I’ve only seen about 10 minutes of  Jamie Oliver’s new show, but it’s pissing me off to the extent that it’s inspired me to write this post.

It seems to be a bizzare combination of social commentary that he is no way qualified to make, with an innocent approach that, unlike with Louis Theroux, doesn’t result in anything insightful.

Plus, he seems to know absolutely nothing about Mexican food, but is presuming to cook it for an important family event.  If he puts olive oil on it at the end, I’m going to scream.

– Anna

Colour me horrified

A  contestant on tonight’s Come Dine With Me made “refried beans” by adding cayenne pepper to a tin of baked beans.  Sacrilege!

– Anna

London pulls through

I had a bit of a breakdown on vacation last week, when the Greek weather turned chilly for a day. It’s been three years since I’ve experienced summer, and I was desperate for every ray of sunshine. Wondering how much longer I could hack it here, getting excited for sunny 71 degree days in July, my English future was genuinely in doubt.

But it’s all better now. On my morning market run, I discovered a truly magnificent development in the Whole Foods* international aisle: three whole shelves of Mexican products! Salsas, nopales, more than one kind of mole, fresh corn tortillas, masa, cans of chiles…


My first haul

My first haul

Apparently they’ve taken a bit of a risk with the new product lines, so if there any Stoke Newington readers out there, go buy your weight in salsa and help make sure they stay around. Please! They’re getting tortilla deliveries once a week, so I advise Thursday or Friday visits to ensure freshness.

So maybe I can make it here. With highs of 63 next week, how many chiles do I have to eat to make that ok?

*Yeah, I know. We have three supermarkets** in spitting distance, all grim.

** Four, if you count as Iceland a supermarket.

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I say tortilla chip, you say…?

Well, if you’re British, apparently you say nacho.  A Brit taught me this whilst we were having lunch at a Mexican restaurant* last week.  Bonus – the vocabulary lesson came in handy the very next day when it appeared as an answer in the Guardian crossword.

by Flickr user pointnshoot (Creative Commons license)

by Flickr user pointnshoot (Creative Commons license)

Anyhoo, maybe the misuse of the word nacho explains why you can’t get good nachos here. Continue reading