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Pickiness rewarded



I am a picky eater. While my struggles with vegetables are starting to ever-so-slowly wane, I remain steadfast in my dislike of fruit. Weird, right? Who doesn’t like fruit? The idea is certainly great: colorful, fragrant, sweet. There are some I don’t really mind, but in practice, I’m just not a fan.

And of all the fruits I dislike, there’s none I hate more than the dread banana. Again, neat in concept, but even the smell of them makes me sick to my stomach. I always assumed I was alone in this particular tic, but lo and behold, innocent has released a banana-free smoothie! Due to popular demand!

Of course I had to support the sans banana movement and bought one, even though I don’t like kiwi. And even though the color is reminiscent of the algae that grows in an unhygienic Britta (not that I have first hand knowledge of that or anything).

I finally worked up the nerve to try it this morning, and it’s not half bad! Lots of citrus, the fruit family I find least objectionable.