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An ode to the gummibear

Sticking with my German theme, I’ll need to dedicate a short entry to the beauty that is the gummibear. And please believe me when I tell you that the German gummibear tastes different from the one for sale in the UK.

It is fruitier (you can actually identify the fruits they are meant to taste of), they are darker in color and use less E’s (though I’m afraid you can still find plenty in there). They are also known as Goldbaeren in Germany (Goldbears) and if that isn’t juicy enough, try the Saftbaeren (also made by Haribo, the good people who make my beloved Goldbears, sorry for the blatant advertising) which are made with even more fruit juice (hence the title, they are called Juicebears). The german deli http://www.germandeli.co.uk can help you 

The original!

The original!

 if you want to try the best gummibears out there. Though be warned – once you had the original it’s hard to sully your palate with the international gummibear.

– Stef