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“Tastes like Mexico”

I made a  lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce from the Smitten Kitchen yesterday, and it met with good reviews from my test subjects.  It apparently “tastes like Mexico, in a good way”.  Maybe I should pair it with Corona next time I make it.  I’ll be repeating this one for sure…it takes no time, it’s lovely and moist, and the blackberry sauce really elevates it.

– Anna


Pie vs Pie

Everyone’s favorite four days of basketball is nearly over. My bracket is in tatters, so I’m moving on to bigger and better tournaments. The tournament of books is under way over at The Morning News, fug madness is in the air, and now Jezebel has lined up 16 pies and 16 cakes to take part in this extremely important competition. The winner of the cake bracket will face the prince of pies to be crowned the best, er, cake or pie.

I’m sorry peanut butter pie went out so early, but am pleased to report pound cake looks to pull off a small upset if it can pull out a win against angel food cake.


Damsons – the undervalued plum

So, damsons, apparently not many people know them here. Us Swabians of course totally loving the good old damson, only we call it zwetschge (I had to google that, too)- mind you can probably just call it plum. Only it’s much smaller than a plum and more importantly I grew up with a damson tree. I loved that tree, the first one I learned to climb as it was just about the right height and not as sticky as a our cherry tree.

The Pfeil damson tree - ok so I used a ladder, not 12 anymore...

The Pfeil damson tree - ok so I used a ladder, not 12 anymore...

So, on a recent and rather sad trip home (saying good bye to child home and tree) I thought the time is right for one last climb and proper damson harvest. And I was rather proud of the result – probably the first fruits I plucked from anywhere that wasn’t a supermarket shelf in 12 years or so.


And it resulted in this, a stomach flu prevented me tasting it- which was a bit sad, but I was assured it was very yummy.

damson cake result

damson cake result

It’s a dough made of quark (the praises of which I have sung previously on this blog, it makes for a great cake base) and oil, covered with a bit of sugar and almonds and 30min later and easy damson cake. And one that my greataunt Hedy used to make with fruits from that very tree when I was little. A good way to say goodbye I thought.

– Stef

Important questions

Triple-layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Yum.

Triple-layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum.

Does the pound of carrots in the cake mitigate the pound of cream cheese in the frosting?  Discuss.

Recipe after the jump.

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Sentimental cake


This cake always gets me thinking how much food is linked with memories. This kind of nameless cake (unless you can pronounce Broeckeleskuchen, well done if yes) for example, a favourite amongst dear friends and colleagues, is one that my greataunt Hedy taught me many many years ago and is the first cake I ever made. Greataunt Hedy was my extra granny and I remember sitting on her kitchen stool while she made some Swabian dish like Maultauschen (only on Easter of course), Dampfnudeln or Sauerbraten and telling me about her time as a cook for field hospitals in World War 2. She also made a great hot cocoa with a fresh Brezel to dunk into. No family occasion to this day passes without this cake, a chocolate hazelnut cake essentially, and no doubt this cake will go on through the generations. I miss you, Hedy!

Get 6 eggs (separated), 250gr sugar, lemon zest and grind of half a lemon, 200gr ground hazelnut (for some reason that’s gold dust in this country, you can substitue with ground almonds), 125gr plain flour, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 200gr chocolate cut in rough, relatively small pieces. You can use either milk or dark, depending on preference, but make it’s a good one. Make sure it all has room temperature.

Cream softened butter, sugar and eggyolks until nice and creamy and light. Add cinnamon, a pinch of salt and the ground nuts. If you can sieve the flour with the baking powder and then add gradually. Beat the eggwhites into proper stiff white peaks and then fold in. Lastly add the chocolate. All of that should go into a ring springform, in a oven with 200 degrees, and be baked for about an hour. You can cover it with melted chocolate, but it doesn’t need it to be honest.

– Stef

Easy peasy cake

My recent travels enabled me to test out cake recipes that a) you can make with an oven you don’t know at all and b) with ingredients that are different than they are at home. Because I have found the hard way that cream cheese is VERY different in New Zealand. Consistency is more cottage cheese like and when you put your cheesecake in the oven, you panic completely because it just ain’t creamy and full of little cheese bits. Good news is though that the cake turned out beautifully, despite the bizarre New Zealand like cream cheese.

But enough said, firstly I tried this super easy cheesecake recipe, left the berries out because my good friend Eva made fresh passionfruit sauce (argh to live in a climate where you can make your own passionfruit sauce).


Secondly, I made the brownie cake, bit more work intense but well worth it. We made it with homegrown macademia nuts (argh, to live in a climate where you can grow your own macademia nuts…) but pecan nuts or anything else works just as well. Lovely with icecream and almost better after a day or so!!

– Stef