Turning east for inspiration

So after my failed vegetarian attempt, I now strive to be more varied in my cooking endeavours. It is the least I can do after my pathetic attempt at living without meat. I was mighty proud of my first, own attempt at rogan josh (though I cheated with rice and naan, both ready made). Not being able to eat anything spicy, rogan josh is the only other curry I can eat (korma being the other one) . But ever since someone told me of the calorie count of a korma (d’uh, I know) my korma love affair is over for good. Rogan josh my new way forward.

I started off by boiling bite-sized pieces of sweet potato for 5min. Then I fried one red onion cut into wedges with pieces of chicken until golden. After that I added two tomatoes cut into pieces. That was followed by Rogan josh paste (very little in my case, baby steps and all that…), bit of boiling water and then I let it simmer away. After 5-10min I added a bag of spinach, once that was wilted simply added the sweet potato. Et voila, my first rogan josh curry, fine, not at all authentic I am sure, but at least my first curry attempt that turned out rather good!

– Stef


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