Things I missed this Christmas

It might be February but I had the realisation today that due to my descaler accident, I was seriously deprived of German Xmas goodness. Luckily I took pictures of it to remind what awaits me next year (unless I decide to try out some other household chemical liquids, there’s always detergent, bleach, etc etc)

So let’s start off with the main for Xmas dinner, that was cruelly denied to me as I was busy eating anti-acids….

Roasted pork, marinated in a honey glaze for up to a day, with Swabian spaetzle (typical for our area, special kind of egg noodle), Swabian potato salad (vinegar-based) and yummy yummy red cabbage. I normally hate cabbage, this I totally can get on board with. Needless to say there is a nice gravy-like sauce to boot.

But then there are the German Christmas cookies, aka Gutzle, some of which I even made myself for the office before. I got a whole bag on Xmas that I left ot my nieces and nephew. Didn’t really seem appropriate to be scoffing gutzle post-poisoning.

The almond moons are typical of many gutzle, using ground nuts instead of flour. There are excellent hazelnut macaroons as another exmaple, or these almond moons with a lemon glazing. Next to them the more typical ones using flour dough but with some apricot jam in the middle, just two examples of many more. To be revisited next year.

– Stef


One response to “Things I missed this Christmas

  1. The honeyglazed roast pork looks good!

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