Christmas lessons – Don’t drink descaler

Surviving Christmas season is a tricky at the best of times. I decided I needed a challenge at mine and, by pure accident, I assure you, drank a cup of descaler.

Now, you will ask yourself, how, well, I tried out new herbal tea at my brother’s, that said spicy on the box and looked all christmassy. Which undoubtedly it would have been if I hadn’t made it with water from the kettle. I thought it was a bit acidy but well-mannered to the end I drank it up. Until my sister-in-law realised that the kettle was full of descaler.

Anyways, here are a few lessons (thanks to the good people at the emergency poison hotline in Germany). Do NOT throw up as you’re full of acid, drink a minimum of 3 litres of water, take anti-acid medication, as much of it as possible and only once you convinced the pharmacists that yes, you really did drink descaler. Then lie down for a few hours and ponder you own stupidity. There, another Christmas lesson, right there.


2 responses to “Christmas lessons – Don’t drink descaler

  1. This happened to me today. My employee did not tell me he had put descaler in the kettle. I made a coffee (black) and thought it was very bitter. I had about 4 mouth fulls before throwing it way and washing my mouth out. After reading the health precaution I went to A&E. So far all seems to be ok – this happened 4 hours ago now.
    Why cant decalers have a die so that its possible to tell if the water is contaminated with it.
    There are many toxic chems in descaler.

  2. I made a coffee today ,normally I would drain the kettle and put fresh water in it, the kettle had descaler in it and when I put coffee and milk in the mug it was a funny colour so I drunk it black because I thought the milk was off.
    After a few mouthfulls I tipped the rest out.

    I found out by one of the family that they had left descaler in the kettle and forgot to rinse and to flush it out about ten minutes later
    ,I went to my laptop and saw this article so I went to the sink and drunk a min of two pints of water,my tummy was a bit upset but I was fine ,cheers

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