WTF (What the Food) Kraft Deluxe

After an indulgent Christmas, I had to force myself to continue sampling the wonders of pre-packaged North American cuisine.  As promised in the Kraft Dinner post, I am sampling Kraft Deluxe macaroni and cheese.

This mac and cheese receives its sauce from a pouch of orange goo, rather than the arduous mixing of powder, milk and butter into the pasta.  This sauce is a runny Velveeta, which according to Wikipedia , cannot be sold as a “cheese food” but rather as a “cheese product” as it does not contain more than 51% cheese… Personally I find the sound of a processed ‘cheese food’ much more revolting.

Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese

Ease 4/5 – Streamlines the Kraft Dinner process by coming with a pre-prepared sauce.  Not only do you gain convenience, but also a wonderful squishing sound as the thick cheese sauce is sloshed about with the noodles.

Colour 3/5 – I don’t know why this looses the vibrance of Kraft Dinner, it sure as hell isn’t more natural!

Texture 2.5/5 – This is where Deluxe Mac and Cheese starts to lose me.  Unfortunately I find the texture of the cheese sauce to be too rich and slimy.  That’s not the kind of mouth-feel you get with regular Kraft Dinner and an unpleasant surprise here. Yes, I used the term mouth-feel.

Flavour 3/5 – The taste is strong, very strong.  There’s a sharpness and saltiness that only a processed “cheese product” is legally allowed to have.  I will give points for not being overwhelmingly sweet, but I’m not a huge fan of whatever is causing this tang.

Resemblance to packaging 4/5 – The over-sauced gooiness is not accurately represented on the packaging.  Since the directions are are as simple as ‘stir through cheese sauce’ I’m pretty sure this is not my fault.

Over-all a pretty delicious experience, but I will still take regular Kraft Dinner any day. Maybe I’m just not ‘Deluxe’ enough.


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