WTF (What the Food!) Kraft Dinner Edition

I’m back in Canada for Christmas, it’s cold and snowy… I have been gorging myself on far too much food in the name of keeping warm. Due to my obsession with the People of Walmart and curiosity about Walmart Supercentres (I have never been), I found myself in a vast hypermart.

Whilst at Walmart I have decided that since I will not be cooking very much over the coming week (a benefit of visiting my family), I will feature weird and wonderful foodstuffs picked up on my adventure.  Today we are examining Kraft Dinner.

As I touched upon previously , American food heavily influences what ends up Canadian plates.  This is particularly true with regards to processed foods – pretty much everything that I’m going to review is American, but this one dish that is uniquely Canadian in name alone.  Kraft Diner has been available since the 30’s but at some point was rebranded as ‘Kraft Macaroni and Cheese’ in the south of the border.  This rebrand never took place in Canadia and for this reason, Kraft Dinner has a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of the nation’s youth.  Canadians are weird.

I accidentally picked up a box containing whole-wheat pasta… this was a mistake, but I will give a review based on the original, non-fibrous variety.

Kraft Dinner:

Ease 2/5 – you have to boil water, add pasta, drain, add margarine and butter and cheese sauce… all that stirring. WTF, don’t make me work for this Kraft.

Colour 4/5 – bright orange, unnaturally delicious

Texture 4/5 – as mentioned, I accidentally picked up the whole wheat version, I would give this a 1/5 – arguably the package covered in neon-cheese-sauce would be more palatable. It was gritty and weird, this hasn’t been my experience of whole wheat pastas in the past.  Regular Kraft Dinner is a solid 4/5 because it’s pasta, no surprises.

Flavour 4/5 – despite the unnatural colour this is a taste of childhood through to university.  I know it’s not everybody’s ideal meal, but the taste is certainly distinct and comforting.

Resemblance to packaging  5/5

High marks all around, Kraft, it’s no wonder that this meal has been popular for 8 decades and has even spun off an entire range of products.  I will be reviewing the ‘deluxe’ version this week.  Instead of mixing butter and cheese with powdered cheese, it comes with a convenient package of Velveeta to stir in.  Stay tuned.

– Ryan


5 responses to “WTF (What the Food!) Kraft Dinner Edition

  1. Deluxe is where it’s at. And that squishy sound it makes as you stir the velveeta in? That’s the sound of a mighty fine food product about to be your dinner.

  2. We had mac and cheese at the Old Queen’s Head yesterday and it blew my mind, almost to Bodean’s levels. I think there needs to be a spinoff site dedicated solely to this dish: icanhascheezandmac?

  3. The squishy sound of velveeta cheese stirring through pasta has a Pavlovian effect on my salivary glands.

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