Borough Market

I find it hard to believe that we have yet to blog about Borough Market. Borough is certainly the best known market in London and this fact is reflected by its popularity with tourists and foodies alike – particularly on Saturdays. It’s easy to be spoilt for choice with the selection of prepared foods at the market, some favorites include: raclette, venison burgers, brownies from Flour Power, loads of baked goods, strawberries with Jersey cream (in late summer), hot mulled wine and cider in the winter and greasy-spoon Maria’s – where you can get breakfast sandwiches guaranteed to cure any hangover. With all of this prepared food it’s easy to spend hours wandering around grazing while you pick up some special ingredients for dinner – incredible cheeses, meats, and vegetables. What’s on offer tends to be from the UK and seasonal, although there are several stalls specialising in German, French and Spanish fare.

We went to the market yesterday to buy some cider to mull for American Thanksgiving and picked up a couple of rabbits for some stew (recipe to come). I’ve posted some pictures below – note that they were not from yesterday – most were from October, but the strawberries and Jersey cream were from late July.

If ever you’re in London it’s a must-see.

rabbit, hare, bunnies, borough market, london

Fresh Game

Autumn Goodness

Carrots and Beets


More Veg

Strawberries and Cream!



One response to “Borough Market

  1. What about the chorizo burgers? So good! Definitely my favourite.

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