Who doesn’t love a little S&M?


Mmmm, comfort food

British cuisine has a bad reputation the world over, which is completely unfair as the Brits do world class comfort food: fish pies, beans on toast, fish and chips, sticky toffee pudding, roast beef and the full English breakfast.

It’s November and in London this means Sunday afternoons are often cold, gray and best spent in our local pub with the dog, sitting by the fire, reading the paper and drinking a few pints.

After such a perfect afternoon you need a great comfort food that’s not too much trouble to prepare; bring on the king of British comfort food: sausage and mash. Easy enough to prepare and only requiring a few ingredients, I knocked together a meal of caramelised red onion sausage, grain mustard mash and red onion gravy in no time at all. If you want any of the recipes (bar the sausages which a pre-made), leave a comment and I’ll reply via a new post – which will likely be singing the praises of my favorite single-purpose kitchen tool: the potato ricer.

– Ryan


4 responses to “Who doesn’t love a little S&M?

  1. Great minds think alike…I did the exact same thing this weekend, down to the onion gravy.

  2. I vote for a mash-off.

  3. Recipe please – it’s been a while and I feel the need for some quality S&M. Can you also solve the dilemma of what (if any) sides you should serve to give this some greenery?

  4. Oh my goodness food porn! Ryan I love your photos.

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