Barley & Me

The joys of barley have extensively been sung before on this blog and I’m definitely cottoning on too late to what is a great great staple. I’m trying so hard to eat seasonal but being a city person personified and barely keeping plants alive, the knowledge of what food is seasonal escapes me. I mean I had to cancel my organic box because 80% of the contents I did not recognise nor knew what to do with. But I try, and the fact that pumpkin and squash is in season ( I hate Halloween) did not pass me by.


Squash, spinach barley risotto with sage

Really simple recipe: Fry and soften onion and garlic, add chopped handfull of sage and barley before adding vegetable stock. Add cut up squash and boil-simmer for about 20min at least. Just when it gets there, take off heat and add spinach, cover for 5min minutes and add a spoonful of parmesan. Really great result and for once seasonal….well, is spinach? Or sage? See, it’s just too hard…

– Stef


2 responses to “Barley & Me

  1. The title of this entry KILLS me. Good job Stef.

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