Autumn comfort food

Ok, when I mean autumn I really mean winter by now. But with the sun setting at 4pm (why god why), I feel inclined to cook warm food. Sounds easy but with my fear of cooking still a challenge. But lo and behold my result- well chuffed I was…


Now this might not look like much (contrast with my usual recipe generator on Good Food website and how pretty it looks there) but it tasted really fantastic. I was a bit suspicious of adding a can of baked beans at the end but it really added a bit more depth to the whole thing. Any recipe with few ingredients is a winner in my book as I simply don’t have an extensive range at home (yes, Jamie Oliver, that means I don’t ever attempt your recipes, nor the people at the River Cafe, sorry, half of the time I don’t even know what you’re talking about..). So wohoo for cold weather hotpot!

– Stef


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