French Toast avec citron

Another weird thing if you’re not from the US or Canada or anywhere else where they serve warm and weird breakfasts- French Toast. Why it’s called French Toast I don’t know, having spent extensive time in France I have never ever seen anything remotely like it. But enough of my snobbery, now suddenly in possession of lots of bread, I thought it’s worth attempting this oddity (soaking bread in eggs is just weird).


So once again I turned to BBC Good Food who have had the idea to add lemon zest to the eggy mix. And even though I didn’t go as far making poached plum, it was still really yummy. The lemon zest gave it a really nice fresh and zingy touch. Not so bad after all, hmmm….

– Stef


7 responses to “French Toast avec citron

  1. Have you never had pain perdu?

    I think we need to stuff french toast with crispy bacon, fry and cover in maple syrup.

    Now THAT is a weird north american thing; like sausages wrapped in chocolate chip pancakes, served on a stick.

    • Pain Perdu? That sounds just so sad, all lost and alone in the eggy mix. Shocking lack of knowledge I have Ryan. But sausage wrapped in pancakes? Surely not, that goes against every law of nature. I rather do the bacon with the maple syrup (which is growing on me, your influence I’m sure!)

  2. Damn it, Ryan…you’ve given me a craving for American-style sausages. I hate British breakfast sausages.

  3. Fried eggy bread has a long European tradition, you can’t blame us for everything! Though perhaps it wasn’t always a breakfast food.

    According to the wikipedia entry on French toast, we actually called it German toast until one of the wars (can’t remember which one). Puts the whole Freedom Fries fiasco in a whole new light, huh?

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