Bread making the old-fashioned style

I’m conflicted about bread at the best of times because a) it’s amazing, yummy and comforting and b) it’s full of gluten and wheat ergo unhealthy and all that. Having grown up in Germany, contemplating a life without bread is borderline impossible but if I sin at least I want to sin right, i.e. have some decent bread.


Self-made bread

Easy enough, one would think, but alas there is no decent bread easily to be had in this lovely country. The loafs in the supermarkets are not bread (sorry, it’s sliced stuff impersonating bread, because nothing can call itself bread if it needs to be toasted before you can eat it).  So I decided to break out of my comfort zone and venture into breadmaking, without bread baker/machine, whatever it’s called.

Dan Lepard published a “fail-safe” bread recipe and therefore my ideal choice for first step in my bread baking career. Things I learned quickly:

a) you need to have time because it requires several stages of kneading, keeping warm, more kneading etc etc for someone cursed with essentially no attention span whatsoever that is a challenge.

b) sticky sticky sticky and gets all over your fingers and hands.  No wonder people prefer making bread with machinery, damn it’s messy

c) despite all of that whining, and an aesthetically somewhat disappointing result, totally worth it. It lasted several days, was yummy as hell, just needed a wee bit more salt. And something terribly comforting and old-fashioned about making bread, I’ll try again soon to make something less flatbread like….

– Stef

2 responses to “Bread making the old-fashioned style

  1. I have loved getting into making bread. It can be a bit time consuming but since I’m a stay-at-home mom I can fit the steps into doing other things around the house. I have an awesome recipe that I make a couple of times a week.

    • Thanks for that, Sarah, that looks yummy, I will give that a go. I also noticed that it lists a greased bowl, I suspect that it really helps with the stickiness. But I shall not be deterred and try more! Stef

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