Muffins revisited

Nothing like a bad day that makes me bake – ironic that I attempt muffins again considering my previous misfortunes with muffins.

Anyways, here I go again but this time armed with Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, a most wonderful book that will undoubtedly be mentioned again and again (by me mainly..). Straight forward, crucial baking tips in the beginning from why sometimes it’s important to use a wooden spoon rather than a metal spoon and vice versa, why temperature of ingredients is important (otherwise watch it all curdle up) to great illustrations throughout.


So off I went to make some chocolate chip muffins and the result you can admire above.  Some progress compared to the nutmeggy disaster before but still not entirely happy – primarily because they are not quite sweet enough and once again my oven was a wee bit too hot (they’re a bit too dark for my taste). Anyways, edible and progress – not much more I can ask. And lessons learned? Don’t overbeat the dough, barely mix it (which is where the wooden spoon comes into play), and when the recipe says softened butter, that does not mean warm butter but simply not icecold butter that is soft enough to rub it into the flour.

Hippo Muffin

Hippo Muffin

This one lookes like a hippo I thought….

– Stef

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