Fishy dilemma

In a nutshell – I have no idea what fish is good fish, enviromentally speaking. I realised that when I was doing my weekly shop ( still in pursuit of that elusive dream of a weekly mealplan) and realised that most of the time I have chicken, chicken, oh and once in a while chicken. Fish is healthy, right? And different.

But standing in front of the fish shelf and I realise that a) I don’t know fish names in English (pollock is a FISH?) and b) I’m well confused about which fish is a good choice both ethically and taste wise.  Salmon is already problematic, farmed or not farmed, already tricky. Then white fish, which I really like and would like to cook more with, but that’s even more complicated. Now, cod I understand we’ve pretty much overfished, so better stay away. But then there is haddock, plaice, pollock – ARGH I don’t know the difference and which one I should chose without causing extinction?  Or is fish just not the right choice anymore?

There should be a ethical fish choice guide (and there probably is one if I could be bothered to look). I went for plaice in the end simply because I never made it. Wish me luck.

– Stef

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