One week of cooking – first day

…well, it was meant to be a week but actually turned into three days. What was I thinking, but inspired by certain other people’s mealplans (hello Ryan) and forward planning I at least wanted to give it a go.


So, first of all a lovely one pot dish once ripped out of magazine, chicken, chickpea and spinach – which turned out quite well. Fry a cut onion in oil for a while, add some cumin (also recommended is coriander, but nah, too much like soap), and then brown pieces of chicken breast in it. Add 200ml of chicken stock, grated rind of lemon to make it all zesty and add a drained can of chickpeas. Simmer for 5min and lastly add fresh spinach, just long enough until it wilts. Squeeze in some lemon juice et voila. The sauce was just lovely!

Rather proud of that first attempt..

– Stef


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