A lamb/falafel meal that needs a better name

Behold the falamber: (lambfelburger? falambelburger?)

Falamber: falafel lamb burger, in all its glory

Falamber: falafel lamb burger, in all its glory

The recipe comes courtesy of the meat lite series on Serious Eats. It is, basically, ground lamb mixed with some standard falafel ingredients: bulgur wheat, chick peas, cilantro, cumin, etc. Really easy, really good, and deeply satisfying to combine all the ingredients by hand. Just remember to remove any rings first.

I served my falambelers with a little feta crumbled on top, some yogurt/cucumber/mint on the side, a few greens and a good squeeze of lemon over everything.

Because I didn’t change the recipe much (full disclosure: I left out the scallion and felt no remorse), I’ll just direct you to the original thing.

But before I leave you, I’ll add that the water to bulgur ratio in the recipe is dead on. I fell a little bit in love with bulgur wheat after making this, and tried a few different recipes, none of which came out right. 3/4 cup water to 1/3 cup bulgur is the magical rate. Go forth and enjoy.



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