London restaurant roundup

I’ve been to some of my stalwart restaurant favourites in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share.

Pham Sushi – my favourite sushi restaurant in London.  It’s not as convienently located as when I lived across the street, but it’s well worth the 15 minute walk from my current flat.  I heartily recommend the crunchy tuna rolls.  Book ahead, there are very few tables and I’ve often been turned away.

Brindisa – a tapas gem at the corner of Borough market.  The charcuterie plates are to die for.  They don’t take reservations, but you can grab a drink from the pub across the street whilst you wait.  And they’re open on Sundays now, hooray.

Afghan Kitchen – a neighbourhood favourite, just on Islington Green.  It has a brief menu that hasn’t changed in the years we’ve been going, including the absurdly low prices (top price, £6.50).  Chicken in yogurt, lamb and spinach, and the vegetarian dish called Sarah’s are fabulous.  Reservations are a good idea because it’s so tiny that there are only a handful of communal tables.

I also was finally introduced to Stefanie’s local Italian gem, Cinquecento.  I’m happy to say she didn’t exaggerate the goodness.

– Anna


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