Damsons – the undervalued plum

So, damsons, apparently not many people know them here. Us Swabians of course totally loving the good old damson, only we call it zwetschge (I had to google that, too)- mind you can probably just call it plum. Only it’s much smaller than a plum and more importantly I grew up with a damson tree. I loved that tree, the first one I learned to climb as it was just about the right height and not as sticky as a our cherry tree.

The Pfeil damson tree - ok so I used a ladder, not 12 anymore...

The Pfeil damson tree - ok so I used a ladder, not 12 anymore...

So, on a recent and rather sad trip home (saying good bye to child home and tree) I thought the time is right for one last climb and proper damson harvest. And I was rather proud of the result – probably the first fruits I plucked from anywhere that wasn’t a supermarket shelf in 12 years or so.


And it resulted in this, a stomach flu prevented me tasting it- which was a bit sad, but I was assured it was very yummy.

damson cake result

damson cake result

It’s a dough made of quark (the praises of which I have sung previously on this blog, it makes for a great cake base) and oil, covered with a bit of sugar and almonds and 30min later and easy damson cake. And one that my greataunt Hedy used to make with fruits from that very tree when I was little. A good way to say goodbye I thought.

– Stef


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