I have the very best of colleagues who on my recent birthday gifted (is that English? It should be, gift, by the way, in Germans mean poison, I prefer the English meaning by far…but I digress) cakes.  The cakes were amazing and making this a real good post I already forgot which bakery they were from- so lots of useful information in here.

More importantly I learned something.

Cake-fest left overs..

Cake-fest left overs..

The Flou Flou (I think that was the name) was a mixture of coconut sponge cake with raspberries, and the raspberries really made it special and really yummy. The Victoria Sponge cake made me realise what the fuss is all about. Light, slathered in cream and fresh strawberries. When I attempted that last I just didn’t use enough cream, clearly, the secret to successful English cakes is more cream. You live, you learn. And the chocolate fudge cake is not be sniffed at either.

You gotta love birthdays….

– Stef

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