How do you organize your recipes?

When I was 10, I had index cards and a box. And one recipe.

Cards sans box. Photo by flickr user rocknroll guitar courtesty of a Creative Commons license.

Cards sans box. Photo by flickr user rocknroll guitar courtesty of a Creative Commons license.

Fast forward nearly two decades (eek!), and things are a wee bit more complicated. This blog is a great reminder of good recipes, but we haven’t been going long enough to be that much of a resource.

Which leaves me with my modest stack of well-thumbed cookbooks, and the rest of the internet. I’ve read some really complicated systems for managing recipes online, but I’ve found my Google Reader to be innovation enough for me. I just add a ‘recipe’ tag to anything that looks promising in my reader, and can import anything else I find online. However, I don’t actually cook from my computer, so I either have to print a recipe out or jot down some notes I can use in the kitchen. Which means I now have a stack of recipes stuck to my fridge, bookmarked recipes online, and books.

How to integrate? Do I go old school and print/copy recipes to put in a binder? That seems even more old lady than Anna’s grandma shopping cart, and I’m not sure I want to take that title from her.

What do the other cheeseclothers do? I’m hoping for inspiration in particular from hyper-organized, menu-planning Meatulewicz.


One response to “How do you organize your recipes?

  1. No way you’re taking the old lady crown off me, because I’ve already tried the binder route. I organised all my recipes into categories and put them in one book. But that was years ago, and I’ve clipped many things since then and not added a single one to the book. I recently divided those into sweet and savoury and put them in boxes so they’re not loose on top of the fridge, but there’s no organisation beyond that. And I still have all my Epicurious recipes in the online recipe box, and they’re totally unorganised. I’ve thought about going this route – – but haven’t yet got around to it because adding non-Epicurious recipes seemed like a lot of work. Argh.

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