Grilled lamb and vegetables with lemon herb dressing

I’m feeling too lazy to write a proper post about this, so I’ll tell the story in pictures instead.bagels and lamb 005

First, I marinated some onions in red wine (the recipe wanted Zinfandel, I blanked on the name of the Italian varietal (Primitivo. Thanks, Google!), so I used Merlot instead.bagels and lamb 006I also marinated courgettes (zuchinni, for our American friends) and red peppers in herbs and oil.  They made a pretty vegetable tower.  I skipped the squash the recipe wanted because I could only find butternut, and that seemed wrong.bagels and lamb 010After about three hours and almost asphyxiating my neighbours with smoke (sorry!), I grilled the veggies.bagels and lamb 012They were joined by the lamb (which you last saw here).bagels and lamb 015After some lemon herb dressing and a sprinkling of feta, dinner was served.

Mmm, meat.  Meat closeup:bagels and lamb 014It was yum.  And also delicious cold the next day.  Oh, and all of the herbs were from my garden, so I felt proud.  Yay for not killing every plant I come in contact with!  Recipe here.

– Anna


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