I suck

I shouldn’t be on this blog, I’m an embarrassment.

I present Evidence A:


Rice a la Stefanie – nice and crunchy. I wasted 30min on this.  In case you’re wondering, I can’t make rice, the second attempt was a mushy mess.  I hate rice, why can’t I make it? Probably because I have an attention span akin to a goldfish, I make a class of 4-year olds look focused and persistant.Also, hot -cold hot cold, what is up with that. First make it boil, then simmer, then not too much water, but not too little.  I hate rice…

Evidence B:

Lo and behold the disaster muffin – I can’t even bake anymore.

Disaster muffin

Disaster muffin

Things that went wrong: a) attention span again, because if I had one I would have paid attention to that smell indicating these muffins are well done, but oh no, I was too busy looking for other muffin recipes to notice that they were heading the toasty way. There’s a lesson somewhere in there about living in the moment, I know.

b) My oven is too hot, something I should have known, it smacks too much of a pathetic excuse, right? Right.

c) And even if they were a bit toasty, too much nutmeg. It was meant to be a yummy banana muffin after a recipe I found on the BBC. And I was suspicious of the nutmeg in it… and of course..the whole muffin tasted of nutmeg.  I retire, I ain’t a-bakin anymore. MPFH.

Punishment for this inadequate performance? Austere dining (because let’s not forget:I would have had chicken with this sad broccoli and overcooked rice, but I got carried away with the defrosting rendering my chicken inedible).  So there, that’s all get.

At least it's kind of healthy

At least it's kind of healthy

So, I rest my case and hide in shame….

– Stef


2 responses to “I suck

  1. Poor sad Stef. May I recommend a rice cooker? I also struggle with rice (I blame it on not being able to turn the stove down enough), and the rice cooker has solved my problems.

    Or you could try the Anna method and cook rice like pasta, just drain it when it’s done.

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