To me really crucial in regards to food and meals, because nothing more boring than boring colours. Hence my love for tomatoes (totally ignoring Eve’s issue with what must be the best vegetable-fruit-whatever in the world). But I admit having tomato-base dishes 5 times a week can get boring (e.g. my dinner tonight, tomorrow and the day after). So once in a while I try to mix up the colour and in this case it’s orange-green that wins the day- aka butternut squash spinach tagliatelle with roasted pine nuts.

So pretty!

So pretty!

And it’s easy, my most important criteria in this whole thing. You simply fry spinach with a bit of garlic briefly, just about wilted stage before too stringy. Put to the side. Boil the tagliatelle (or whatever other pasta you want) and chuck in cubed butternut squash about 5min or so before pasta is done. After draining you toss it all together, chuck on some roasted pine nuts (and if you’re like me that takes you longer than the entire dish, either burned to a cinder or totally unroasted, god knows why I can’t time it better) and finish off  with some parmesan.

Yeay to a veggie meal without tomatoes , there, you can’t say I don’t try!



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