Malty chocolate

I’m not even sure that’s a word – malty – but in my foods from around the world series I need to spread the word that there’s a kind of chocolate that seems totally unknown to this side of the channel: Ovomaltine. Also I  need to  expand my repertoire into other German speaking countries – wouldn’t want to get boring and German-centric, would I…

Swiss care package

Swiss care package

Essentially, ovomaltine aka ovaltine in this language that the good Swiss people put in pretty much anything they can think of: milk, muesli or in this case chocolate. And as critical as I first was, but once my good friend Claudi, a resident of Switzerland for many years introduced me to it, there was no going back. I swear they put crack or some other highly addictive drug in it, but somehow the maltiness makes the chocolate lighter and meltier at the same time. Thanks to Claudia I received a care package that not only made me go up another few dress sizes, but also had fun muesli in there (Yummy with afore-mentioned yoghurt) – and the compulsory German gummibears.

So next time you find yourself in a Swiss airport, say NO to Lindt and all those other fancy-elitist Swiss chocolates, head straight for the Ovomaltine, I promise it’s worth it!

– Stef


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