Yoghurt self-made


Yep, you read that right, I have discovered self-made yoghurt. And when I say self-made I don’t mean that I do magical things to milk, that would be a step to far for city girl-buy-everything-prepacked-in-plastic that I am.

When I mean self-made I mean that thanks to the kind people from EasiYo (ok, I admit, not best title but you can’t get everything right) I get a magical powder that only has healthy bacteria in it, mix it with a litre of cold water, keep it in my thermos-like white container for up to 12hours and voila, the perfect yoghurt achieved at last. Not too gloopy, not too watery. No additives and it still keeps for a week at least – and one pack makes 1kg of yoghurt.

Thanks you kind Kiwi-folk for thinking that one up!


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