Cold-brewed coffee

Mmmmm, coffee extract

Mmmmm, coffee extract

So, I tried cold-brewed coffee for the first time yesterday, mainly because I keep seeing articles about it around the interwebs and, as a coffee fanatic, I was intrigued.  The concept is simple: instead of using hot water to brew your coffee, you plan ahead and use cold water, but let it sit overnight.  Then you strain it, end up with a much stronger coffee extract that has only a tenth of the acidity levels of normal coffee, and dilute to taste (with either hot or cold water).

There are all kinds of how-to posts out there about building (or buying) contraptions for cold-brewing, but I just used my french press, which normally yields 3 cups of coffee in the morning.  As cold-brewed coffee is meant to be stronger, I added half a cup of hot water to each half cup of coffee extract and saved the rest for the next day.

Yesterday evening I was all set to write a post about its relative merits, but I got sidetracked.  For the record, here’s a summary of what I was planning to say: it’s definitely less acidic, which makes it taste very different in a way I was ambivalent about, but my stomach didn’t feel great about it (usually not a problem).  Also, it just didn’t seem that strong.

But then…I was WIDE awake until 3am.  Coffee never keeps me up, despite the vast quantities I drink; weirdly, diet Snapple peach iced tea is the only caffeinated beverage that affects my sleep (maybe it’s the caffeine/Nutrasweet combo?).

Could be a random coincidence.  But this morning I was glad I had the leftover coffee in the fridge to get me through a day on only 4 hours of sleep.

– Anna

4 responses to “Cold-brewed coffee

  1. Huh. Stef once told me that french press coffee was the worst for your system, followed by drip, followed by espresso. I guess the counterintuitiveness of coffee applies to all its myriad forms.

    But did you try it as iced coffee? I miss iced coffee, and it’s one of those things that this country really doesn’t get.

  2. I could’ve sworn she told me drip was the worst, then french press, then espresso.

    And no, I didn’t try it as iced coffee, but I think it would be great in that capacity.

  3. You could be right, I have been known to be wrong every now and again. Stef?

  4. Right, sorry, I got side-tracked by the claim they don’t get iced coffee in this country, I put forward Tinderbox as my counter claim. And various other places. Mind you it’s the Greeks for me that really cracked the iced coffee with frappe. But that’s another story.
    Yes coffee = BAD for stomach. Best to go with espresso. Can’t remember if drip or press was worst, but I’ll find out. Long live espresso, iced or hot!

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