Break out your wellies in 2050

Jet lag had me up watching BBC Breakfast at 6 this morning, during which time I learned a trio of mildly interesting, interconnected things.

1. Britons are really, really lazy. Like too lazy to change the channel, have sex, walk a flight of stairs, play with their children…

2. …which makes you wonder why there’s a 40-year wait for an allotment in North London. There are really people out there who are too lazy to have sex, but not to grow their own vegetables? This is a weird country.

3. Hilary Benn’s food report out today sets out his vision to make Britain food secure by 2050. Which means that, if you live in North London, you’ll be harvesting your first veggies when the strategy hits its peak. If you can get your lazy ass off the couch, that is.



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