Good + good = ???

If you’re my sister, the answer to the above brainteaser is: good + good = good.

A few brave souls tested this equation at our 4th of July barbeque by combining ribs and vanilla ice cream (cookie dough ice cream was rejected as a clearly silly idea).  Surprisingly, the majority who were brave enough to taste it were in favour, though I’m inclined to attribute this to the beer consumed earlier rather than the merits of the combination itself.

– Anna


3 responses to “Good + good = ???

  1. I don’t know what to tell you – it was good. The best defense I can muster is to think of the vanilla adding the same sort of flavor a whiskey glaze would. That and to add that the texture was odd.

  2. This is a tried and true formula, which should be applied to more cooking decisions. If maple syrup and bacon is an accepted combination, then why not ribs + vanilla ice cream? It was good. Ignore the one dissenting voice which had more to do with the ribs and spiciness than the combination. I would definitely have it again, just maybe not in a bowl. Perhaps more like an ice cream cone.

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