More North London favourites

I could go on more about how amazing Cinquecento is, but I was told off to not spread the message anymore, otherwise we’ll never get a table again.

But time to point out that there are more hidden gems around Holloway Road that might not look much from outside but make up for it with affordable wonderful food.

Up first is Nid Ting on Holloway Road (Number 533) near Archway station. Fantastic Thai food, I have eaten my way through the menu and not a single dish on there I didn’t like. Affordable, quick service and really good for takeaway as well.

Second up is Le Rif on Seven Sisters Road serving Moroccan food. It’s nothing special inside but their tagines (both veggie and chicken and olive) are absolutely fantastic. My Moroccan friend, rather fussy with her tagine, commented that the lamb tagine was as good as her grandmothers, high praise indeed. Closer to Holloway Road tube station, it’s 10minutes walk only.

– Stef


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