Hit and miss in Lake District

Running the risk of sounding like the most arrogant city slicker possible – eating outside London is always bit problematic. There is a reason why English food has such a bad reputation, I once spent 48hours in the Peak District and I’m still traumatised. But Lake District has a reputation for foodie heaven so I had high hopes.

First good signs were an abundance of adorable food shops, from specially dedicated chocolate shops (yumm) to organic grocers.

Chocolate shop in Ambleside

Chocolate shop in Ambleside

Local produce is a favourite there anyways , and delis litter the street of every village (which are all ever so beautiful, it’s frightening, and people are so nice – unsettling!). It all started well with breakfast at our B&B  Denehurst being absolutely divine, I can only recommend it. The full English was good (again, why the sausage, I just don’t know) but the muffin with salmon and scrambled eggs absolutely fantastic.  I also had the most wonderful pork belly confit at a bistro called Francine’s, really, just melted off the bone. Again all signs on go.

Pork belly confit at Francine's, Windermere

Pork belly confit at Francine's, Windermere

But Day 2 and things went downhill. The highly recommended Postillon in Bowness had fishcakes that essentially were ginger only, you could not taste anything else. The chocolate fondant was NOT a fondant but a chocolate muffin warmed up. And the starter was a not very good sausage wrapped in bacon and chorizo, meat overload. And as you’re paying London prices easily, I was mightily disappointed. Onto the cake show in Windermere, clearly telling us that enough was enough by serving us a non-finished scone with chocolate  in it. The carrot cake was at least two days old and still cost 4 quid. Not impressed, not impressed at all.

Luckily it’s so damned beautiful up there you forget that eating good food is hit and miss. But don’t let it deter you.

– Stef


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