Baking is easy- honest

And don’t think it’s easy to admit it because I do enjoy the compliments, I really do. Especially as I can’t cook normal food, so it’s nice to not be thought of being a complete domestic disaster. But there go, baking is easy, really not much to it. It hurts to admit it but it’s time to dispel the myth.

To prove it I briefly list a few of my favourites from BBC Good Food, all of which are dead easy and fast.

First up is a baked cheesecake. The baked versus non-baked cheesecake debate is one for another day, but as a good German girl I bake my cheesecake. So I made this yesterday for the office, and it went too quickly for me to take a picture. It’s easy, you can use any berries, or none at all if you don’t like them (!!), bit of creamcheese and sour cream and Bob’s your uncle (never understood that saying). I haven’t quite figured out how to ensure that the base doesn’t get soggy from the berries but you live and learn.

And talking of sour cream and berries (all nicely in season) leads me to blueberry sour cream cake , sounds weird but bear with me. Again, easy and I left off the icing, which is really not necessary (not a bit icing fan myself) but looks great and is bit different!

I’m just gonna stick with the season theme and list another easy one, cherry cake with cinnamon. Easy to transport, easy to make and easy to eat.

– Stef


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