Care package Swabian style

So evidently I’m on a roll with the Swabian thing so I might as well stick with it. As I’m going through dark days at the moment, my wonderful bro, the best of brothers- no doubt – sent me a care package to cheer me up:


There was also some tea and spices but the key stuff is what you see here. So, let me introduce you to Spaetzle. Spaetzle in Swabia are made with an egg-based dough and made by rubbing the dough between pieces of wood (or use the press if you’re lazy) over a pot of boiling water. My greataunt used to stand there trying to teach me the fine art of making the longest spaetzle possible (which demonstrates good technique) – needless to say I failed.  Spaetzle go with pretty much any meat dish and sauce, and kind of work as a side order like fries, goes with anything.

But in true Swabia style my bro also included lentils, so I can make sausage with lentils and spaetzle. You throw a wiener sausage on top of lentils prepared with onions, vinegar and herbs.

In case I get thirsty,  there  is Rotbaeckchen (red cheeks) juice – healthy, full of iron and made from grape and apple juice. And let’s not forget the tin of organic Schinkenwurst, literally translated, ham sausage. Yumm, that will go nicely with some decent bread and gherkins! Thanks bro!!

– Stef


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