Irreconcilable culinary differences

..and breakfast I think would come under that category. I have this theory that breakfast is one of the most culturally pre-determined meals out there. Or maybe I was just not that open minded when I first moved abroad. It took me about 3 years minimum before I could first stomach English fried breakfast. My initial question upon being introduced to this valued tradition was why do they eat dinner for breakfast here?? What is that grilled tomato and mushrooms doing here, again, dinner, surely? And that sausage, that sausage is in an insult to someone from country that values sausages above all else. It’s not the meat that us Germans are objecting to, because we do enjoy our cut cold meats for breakfast, make no mistake – but not that fatty fried thing that lurks on that place.

12 years on and I actually don’t mind it that much anymore though once in a while I still have fried eggs and baked beans for dinner, you can take the girl out of Germany, but not Germany out of the girl.  But the one breakfast that is really one step too far is that most American of traditions – pancakes (yumm), maple syrup (double yumm) with bacon (URGH). I get that salty with sweet is lovely but the very idea is just a step too far. Or at least always has been.


So last weekend I had breakfast at my friends place who made the most delicious pancakes from scratch. Served with fruit, lemon-sugar etc. And lo and behold the bacon emerged after a little while….and I did have it after all.  I kind of, actually, oh alright, it was not so bad. Fine, my breakfast fascism is receding at last.  But still not ready to endorse that idea wholeheartedly.

– Stef


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