Cake frenzy

Not that I need an excuse for cake baking, but War on Want celebrating a somewhat bogus 50 years anniversary (because it actually really turns 60 in 2011) was kind of lending itself to indulge in excessive cake making.


A proper British office does, of course, require proper British cake. Bit of a challenge for a German like me that is genetically modified to look down on anything creamy-spongy, you know what I mean. But worth a go and I turned to the Observer and new emerging baking sensation Rosie Lovell, whose book I certainly have to get as soon as its out. The recipe was simple enough and for someone not experience in sponges at all, easily followed. I have to grudgingly admit that with fresh strawberries and cream it was really rather yummy.


The whole cream and strawberry extravaganza had to be balanced out by something that is really the most simple chocolate tart I have come across thanks to BBC Good Food again, my ultimate recipe finder. No baking required, you can determine the chocolatey-ness by mixing dark chocolate of various degrees with milk chocolate. One thing I did learn though is to take it out of the fridge a little while before serving so the crust won’t just crumble. Otherwise, easiest desert you can imagine. Oh, and I did use digestive, just because they are perfect for it.

– Stef


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