Pasta with tuna and lemon


The meal at its most attractive

The meal at its most attractive

Work has been a bit hectic lately, precluding much cooking, let alone cooking, photographing and blogging. I usually save this very easy pasta dish for when (fishphobe) Jesse is away, but it’s also good for nights like tonight when cooking for two is just too much pressure. (Yes, I have a very low pressure tolerance sometimes.)

Like virtually everything I make, this isn’t a particularly photogenic meal, hence the picture above. The dish itself, however, is much tastier than vibrantly painted cardboard, I promise.

Adapted from Pasta with tuna, lemon and capers*

Cook two servings (8oz) of pasta, al dente. The sauce works best with a meatier pasta, and maybe something with a bit of texture to grab the tuna bits. I just used cavatappi , a sort of spiral macaroni, and that worked great.

While that’s cooking, mix one 6oz can of good canned tuna, drained, with a bit less than 1/4 cup of fruity olive oil. Mix them up well, and be sure to break up any clumps of tuna. Add 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, a few good grinds of black pepper and a spoonful of capers to the bowl. If you’re feeling a bit crazy, add a bit of caper juice as well.

If you have a heat-proof bowl, you can rest it over the boiling pasta water to heat the sauce up.

When the pasta is done, drain and toss in the sauce. Taste, and add more olive oil and lemon juice if desired. Serve with fresh grated parmesan and maybe a bit more black pepper.

*You’ll notice the original recipe calls for a few more ingredients. I tend to just go with what I have on hand, and this is all I had on hand this evening. I had meant to add the garlic, but just forgot about it and  think I prefer it without. Making this perhaps the first dish I’ve ever preferred without garlic. 


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