Restaurant rave II: Cinquecento/ 500

Anna’s restaurant rave reminded me that there is another absolute gem hidden in the urban jungle of North London that I simply cannot praise enough.

500 or Cinquecento only opened in Archway last year. It’s tiny, be warned, but quite possibly the best Italian food I have eaten outside of Italy. The service is lovely, no danger of ever being rushed out the door, the prices are incredibly low considering the quality of the food. And the food, ahhh, the food. Firstly, any place that offers you freshly made bread on arrival is a good place, no question. Secondly, their main pasta dishes (coming in around £8) are surprising, different and make me realise how fresh and exciting Italian food really can be (oxtail ravioli, for example, who would have thought that would work so well).

And their tiramisu, well, that in itself deserves a rave. I’m picky with my tiramisu but theirs really is an exception. Not too sweet, the right amount of coffee and it doesn’t matter how full I am, there is ALWAYS space for that kind of tiramisu.

The only drawback is that too many people and reviewers have realised what’s hiding on Holloway Road, so you really need to book ahead. But it’s worth it, I promise!

– Stef


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