Musings on (not) eating meat

A veggie dish I make - lentils with spiced herb butter

A veggie dish I make - lentils with spiced herb butter

The spate of articles about the evils of factory farming inspired by the recent pig flu scare rekindled my guilt about eating factory farmed meat.  However, the realities of my finances mean that if I upgrade to more ethical meat I’d be eating vegetarian most of the week (on a related note, as the Guardian’s dinner-for-two-for-a-fiver series last week illustrated, budget food basically has to be vegetarian).

My problem is that when ever I look for vegetarian recipes, I never find anything that appeals to me.  Exhibit A…Epicurious’s top-rated vegetarian main courses:

Steamed rice and bean dumplings in spicy lentil and radish sauce (FAR too complicated)

Grilled veggie and tofu stack (I don’t do tofu, grilled veggies are boring by themselves)

Farmer cheese dumpling (meh)

Curried coconut soup with chickpeas (I’d make this one)

Summer rolls with baked tofu (again, with the tofu)

Baked rigatoni alla Norma (this has eggplant, a food that hits my gag reflex.  no, seriously, it makes me puke)

Grilled portobello mushroom burgers (not opposed necessarily, it just doesn’t make me want to cook it)

Yellow gazpacho (only a main course if you’re SELF magazine)

Agnolotti with sweet peas and goat cheese  (don’t have a pasta machine)

Pizza crust (I do make vegetarian pizza sometimes)

Epicurious may well not be the best source for veggie recipes, so if anyone has favourites they’d like to share, I’m open to suggestions!

– Anna


One response to “Musings on (not) eating meat

  1. I’m a big fan of cooking onions and garlic w/Indian spices (curry powder, coriander, garam masala, etc), diced tomatoes and chickpeas. Stew together until yummy (use enough salt and pepper) and serve over brown rice. I could eat this every day. Good luck–I have the same dilemma you have. We eat meat once or twice a week and try and keep it organic. It’s a challenge.

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