Reading national character

Olive Boyle pizza (via The Scotsman)

Olive Boyle pizza (via The Scotsman)

What can you learn about a nation from how its people play with their food?

My dad and I had a long email exchange about Susan Boyle, and the reaction to her on both sides of the Atlantic. Would a US audience have mocked her so openly when she went on stage? What does her treatment in the media say about US and UK celebrity culture? You know, weighty issues of great national importance.

So when I saw this Susan-shaped pizza on serious eats (from The ScotsmanI wondered what further insight such ridiculousness might reveal. And…I got nothing. Is it mocking? Celebratory? Oh who cares. It’s a pizza person! What’s not to love about that? That they’ve included a microphone for her I take as a mark of respect, though the ham nose is a bit frightening.

First lady cakes

First lady cakes

At a loss, I continued my tour of the internets and found myself at Obama Foodorama, Michelle Obama’s face staring back at me. From assorted cakes and cookies.

Well if we’re both at it, how am I supposed to make bold commentary on divergent Anglo-American food cultures?

Though based on the evidence, I think I can state that cookie is a more flattering medium than pizza.



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