Using up the leftovers

Besides food (charoset, latke batter, applesauce, a bit of lamb, etc, etc), I had a lot of ingredients left over from our Jewish food extravaganza the other day.  I already told you about the chicken curry salad I made to utilise the chicken that went into our stock, but I still had  feta, greens (pea shoots, spinach, kale), yogurt, and dill sitting in the fridge.  As I’m trying to waste less food at the moment, I consulted Epicurious (who else?) for recipe ideas.

Searching “feta greens” turned up this recipe for penne, green olives and feta as the third option, so I went with that.  I don’t eat much pasta these days (I think my days carbo-loading as an athlete put me off the stuff), but I find fresh spring pastas more appealing.  I made some modifications to the recipe, namely leaving out the green olives because I hate them and all their relatives.  I also didn’t use parsley because I didn’t have any, and a quick internet search persuaded me I couldn’t use coriander in its stead (digression – who are all these people who apparently harbor a deep hatred for coriander?  It’s such goodness).  The result was easy, healthy, and tasty.  My one recommended change would be to chop the spinach.

Fresh yogurt and dill biscuits

Fresh yogurt and dill biscuits

The Kitchn then fortuitously posted a recipe for biscuits made with yogurt and dill, which killed my two other leftover birds with one stone.  Before our British readers get too disgusted, American biscuits are savoury.  I was able to whip up the dough in no time flat, thanks to the food processor.  I had to add a bit of milk to the yogurt specified in the recipe to make the dough wet enough to totally combine.  I’ve cooked the biscuits in small batches as I wanted them and left the rest of the dough in the fridge so I can always eat them piping hot.  Yum!

– Anna

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