Easy peasy cake

My recent travels enabled me to test out cake recipes that a) you can make with an oven you don’t know at all and b) with ingredients that are different than they are at home. Because I have found the hard way that cream cheese is VERY different in New Zealand. Consistency is more cottage cheese like and when you put your cheesecake in the oven, you panic completely because it just ain’t creamy and full of little cheese bits. Good news is though that the cake turned out beautifully, despite the bizarre New Zealand like cream cheese.

But enough said, firstly I tried this super easy cheesecake recipe, left the berries out because my good friend Eva made fresh passionfruit sauce (argh to live in a climate where you can make your own passionfruit sauce).


Secondly, I made the brownie cake, bit more work intense but well worth it. We made it with homegrown macademia nuts (argh, to live in a climate where you can grow your own macademia nuts…) but pecan nuts or anything else works just as well. Lovely with icecream and almost better after a day or so!!

– Stef


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