Jumping on the bandwagon…

Spiced chickpeas = tasty treat

Spiced chickpeas = tasty treat

I first tried this recipe for curried chicken salad at my friend’s house a couple of weeks ago. She’d made a bunch of food that would keep in the fridge before having foot surgery, so I munched my way through it one of the days I was babysitting her (and loved it).  She promised to send me the recipe, and I harassed her until she did this weekend because I had a whole bunch of poached chicken left after making the stock for our matzoh ball soup on Sunday.

She emailed it right over (it’s from Epicurious, surprise, surprise).  I was excited and showed Eve, and she said that she knows the recipe and makes it all the time.  So, I’m apparently one of the last ones to find out about this goodness.

File this under "tastes better than it looks"

File this under "tastes better than it looks"

But just in case you’re even later to the party than me, you can find the recipe here.

PS.  The prep time is way out.  It took me about ten minutes, compared to the 75 minutes they say, and I usually take longer than recipe guidelines show.

–  Anna


2 responses to “Jumping on the bandwagon…

  1. I lied. This is the one I make all the time: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Curried-Chicken-Salad-106566

    Minus all the fruit, of course. Ew.

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