Lessons from Sunday’s lamb

(Despite the multiple cameras at our Passover/Easter extravaganza, we didn’t manage to take any pictures of the lamb, so you’ll have to use your imagination.)

As mentioned earlier, I had butterflied and stuffed two legs of lamb but we only ended up roasting one on Sunday.  The recipe gave two methods for stuffing the lamb, and as we went with the butterflied-and-rolled option, the lamb should have been tied with kitchen twine.  I ignored this step because a) with two legs in the roasting pan they were very snug, and b) I have no kitchen twine and thought my bright yellow garden twine wasn’t an appropriate substitute.

During cooking, the sole leg unrolled itself, and we improvised a quick fix with large toothpicks made by snapping wooden kebab skewers in half.  There were fifteen minutes of cooking time remaining but we were worried the lamb had cooked more quickly unrolled, so we left the lamb in for the last fifteen minutes but turned the oven off.

It turned out quite rare, but the skinnier end of the roll had cooked to medium (and luckily only two of our diners wanted medium).  And it was delicious.

So, what are the lessons promised in the title?  One, buy kitchen twine.  Two, instructions are in recipes for a reason…tying the lamb would have saved us trouble, and would have made it much easier to cut and prettier to look at on the plate.

– Anna


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