London grr: Walnuts edition

The offending package

The offending package

The whole time I’ve lived over here, the UK has been in the midst of an extended crisis of conscience over supermarket packaging. Everything gets wrapped up in plastic – peppers, lemons, onions, etc, and most of it isn’t recyclable. Shoppers stage protests and leave the celophane at the register, the chains vow to do better, nothing changes, and six months later it all happens again. While I find it incredibly annoying, I’ve mostly opted out of this particular headache.

It’s a cousin of this over wrapping that drives me up the wall (see? I didn’t say nuts): miniature portions. Why o why do all the nuts come in such small packages!? I wanted to buy a pound of walnuts  for tomorrow’s cooking marathon, and I had to buy five bags! It’s true, trusty Fresh & Wild could have sold me a 500 gram bag, but for nearer £10. But all the major supermarkets are wedded to these wee little bags. It’s annoying.

On the flip side, sure, you could say only in America would you conceive of buying 48 oz packages of walnuts – and only in my family would you buy three at a time.  But they’re nuts! They keep!

How about it, Lord Sainsbury: think you can trust the British public with grown up-sized bags of walnuts?


2 responses to “London grr: Walnuts edition

  1. Maybe middle eastern stores will carry variety of nuts that are cheaper than the “whole foods” equivalent in the UK…

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