Experimental seafood night III

Sea bass in miso marinade

Sea bass in miso marinade

The fish was excellent (note to self: find more things to do with miso), though the meal was marred by my ill considered spinach side. Sauteed with a little bit of ginger and a bit of miso would have been great, but there was more than a little ginger, and too much garlic. Ah well. Fish was still great.



Five minutes later...

Five minutes later...

And now it’s on to the pretzels! Though they aren’t exactly pretzels. While we strenuously object to using ‘pretzel’ as a verb, we were nonetheless inspired by this recipe for pretzeled eggs. Except this being dessert, we’re pretzeling chocolate. A smorgasbord of chocolate and candy bars. We’re very excited.

Off to pretzel now. Wish us luck!

-Eve and Anna


2 responses to “Experimental seafood night III

  1. surely a picture would convey the meaning of the verb to those of us confused by it.

    and spinach side ‘ill considered’? that can’t be.

  2. and who plays sous chef? the people want to know.

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