Experimental seafood night I

The evening's ingredients

The evening's ingredients

Well this is actually ESN V for those keeping track at home, but our first post of the evening. Anna and I let our game slip on pretty much every front this go round – forgetting to invite people, choosing the menu late, and then there’s the absence of anything particularly experimental about the seafood (we’re leaving that for the dessert).  It’ll still be tasty.

We’re making scallops with cilantro sauce and asian slaw for a starter and miso glazed sea bass.

With the sea bass marinating we turned our attention to the slaw. I dug out the mandolin left in my kitchen when I moved in, fitted the blades, and got slicing! Except not. I think there was a reason they left it behind. Failed at the first hurdle!

Trying to julienne...

Trying to julienne...

So with dull knives in hand, we attempt to matchstick…

-Eve and Anna


2 responses to “Experimental seafood night I

  1. ESN — what an absurd concept for those of us in the fraternity of anti-pescatarians.

  2. Yes, that’s why we wait til you leave the country!

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