When sloth becomes life-threatening

There are some kitchen tasks that I put off because they are truly arduous (cleaning the oven and defrosting the freezer, I’m looking at you).

And then there are the tasks that I put off because I’m lazy.  Cleaning the microwave and wiping down refrigerator shelves fall into this category.  Neither of these pose any threat beyond grossing out fastidious guests (luckily, none of my friends seem to fit that description.  Or they’re too polite to tell me.  Either way, I win).

However, I realised last night that ignoring some things can become dangerous.  When cooking a toast accompaniment for my scrambled egg dinner (it’s haute cuisine week at my place)… the crumb buildup at the bottom of the toaster caught fire.  Luckily, no damage was done (even the toaster still works!), but to run the risk of fire because I’m too lazy to take 30 seconds to empty the crumb tray seems silly.  Lesson learned.

– Anna

3 responses to “When sloth becomes life-threatening

  1. So two bloggers here have now set kitchen equipment on fire? This isn’t doing wonders for our credibility.
    Glad you and the toaster are ok!

  2. Since we had a fire in our apartment, I recommend that everyone have at least one fire extinguisher in their home and that there’s a working smoke alarm. Glad to hear that there was no serious damage.

  3. Not only have I set my handmixer on fire (and more recently I can also add my microwave cable), my oven has started to produce smoke and smell when baking. Crisis. But I do have a fire extinguisher which announced the problem to me in no uncertain terms….

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