Atkins would approve

Meat after a two-day marinade

Meat after a two-day marinade

I clipped this recipe from the New York Times the other day because it put me in mind of Eve’s tip that marinating meat in booze cuts the carcinogens.  As if I need an excuse.

The marinade calls for red wine, sugar, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange zest.  You’re probably thinking at this point that it sounds more like a recipe for mulled wine than a marinade for steak.  But who are you to question the Gray Lady?

I had the occasion to try it out because we opened an truly undrinkable bottle of red the other night, so it went into the marinade instead of down our throats.  The steak got two days in its wine bath in the fridge, then a couple of minutes on each side in an extremely hot pan.

The verdict?  A tad too sweet for my taste, but this may be because I forgot to season the meat prior to cooking.  Oops.  I would probably cut the sugar entirely were I to try it again.  As it was, I was very happy I had the side of rocket.



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